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Стаж на сайті: 3 років (since 02 Січ, 19)
Група: Зареєстрований користувач
Полное имя: http://www.bonetcabletray.com/
Місцезнаходження: http://www.bonetcabletray.com/
Сайт: http://www.bonetcabletray.com/
Про сайт: In Bonet you can find complete solutions for the cable tray systems in connecting, ceiling, wall, floor, equipments and special installations, with various material and surface finish to fit complex installation environments. Our staff of sales and technical support is available to help you in selecting the size and matching suitable accessories, as well as to provide you with samples of our products for evaluation.
We have a large manufacturing experience and technical knowledge, and a solid team working on a safe environment with modern facilities and equipment. At Bonet, we are committed to providing the highest level of quality, competitive pricing, speedy delivery and satisfied service.
Our Vision: Green, Safe and EconomicalChina 4" Wire Cable Basket Tray factory

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